Pet Services & Dog Training in Kirby Bellars, Melton Mowbray
Pre-Puppy Sessions

Pre-puppy sessions can be based at your home or at the Doggie daycare centre. These sessions will help you to prepare yourselves and your home for your new arrival. Laying the foundation for your pup to have a fear free life as it grows up, will depend on how you approach the following:

  • Choosing a puppy
  • Questions to ask the breeder
  • Equipment needed
  • How to create a safe environment for pup
  • Training
  • Feeding
  • Sleeping routines
  • Socialising
  • Building up a pup's confidence in being alone
  • Making sure your pup has a positive experience when exposed to new things
Puppy 121s

These 121 sessions are a great way to lay down a sound training foundation and will you help with any specific puppy problem you maybe experiencing.

121 sessions are £35 per hour.


After their 2nd vaccinations, a puppy class can carry on with your foundation work. These classes will help your puppy gain the necessary life skills it will need for adult life, as well as provide your puppy with the opportunity to socialise properly.

Classes are constructive but fun, using positive training with a 100% rejection of any aversive methods (i.e. no positive punishment). Aiming to create confident, happy and well behaved owners and pups. Classes are outside so are weather dependent. Below is a list of important life skills for all pups:

  • How to mark and treat a behaviour
  • How to play and bond
  • All about socialisation
  • Sit, down, stand
  • Reflex to name
  • Eye contact
  • Loose leash walking
  • Stay
  • Meet and Greet dogs and people
  • Handling
  • Crate training
  • Recall

Please ring or text Jo on 07999336004 for times of classes. Classes are booked in 4 lesson blocks at £60.

All Age Dog Training Classes

It's refreshing to train new things with your dog. Whether you want to teach your dog obedience, to be more focused and responsive to you, or help your dog to learn simple life skills. Whether we are teaching a game, a trick, or setting out new challenges all these things have one thing in common; they help your dog to build up its core muscles and flexibility, as well as strengthen the bond between you and your dog. It will help to stretch your dogs mental ability, all of which improves the dog's FOCUS on you. Yes you've guessed it, once your dog is focused and is paying more attention on you, all your other training becomes so much easier!!

If your interested in training your dog in a positive, constructive but fun way give Jo a ring or text on 07999336004. Classes are booked in 4 lesson blocks at £60.

We and our dogs are all different and will have different needs and abilities. Some quicker then others, but please don't compare yourselves or your dog with others in the class.

To promote learning and to keep the environment as calm and comfortable as possible, spaces are limited to 4 per class. This also ensures owners and pups get the individual attention they deserve.