Pet Services & Dog Training in Kirby Bellars, Melton Mowbray
Teaching Fun Exercises for Quality of Life

Dogs are amazing! Not only do they love to live alongside us strange beings, they learn how to read our body language as well as their own, we have bred different breeds to specialise in different jobs such as herding dogs, war dogs, rescue dogs, therapy dogs even acting dogs and many more!!

Isn't it crazy that it's only been in recent years that scientific studies on dogs has filtered down to us, giving us the chance to start to understand our best friends? I'm always eagerly reading, watching and training as many dogs as I can and even now I still get that WOW feeling when I find out something new.

Now all dogs need guidance in good manners and how to control their natural behaviours to keep them and others safe (apart from anything the law requires this), which sounds very boring doesn't it! But here is the beauty of it, no more does teaching these things have to be boring; NO, NO, by interaction and communicating in ways our four legged pals can understand, we can train in a fun and positive way that all of us will enjoy.

My aim is to simply work with owners and their dogs towards a harmonious and happy relationship. Coaching should be fun for all and by being aware of the dog's age, type, the dog's history and the environment, we can adapt our training so each dog can make the correct decisions in life. By using these techniques dogs react quickly and eagerly as they know that there is going to be a positive reward for doing so. The reward can be a treat, a toy, praise or by using the environment around us.

Coaching can be in small group classes or 121. Group lessons are great for you and your dogs to learn and socialise in a safe and fun environment. For more information about classes please click here