Pet Services & Dog Training in Kirby Bellars, Melton Mowbray

Doggie Day Care Center opens from 9am to 4pm.

Our aim is to keep the dogs safe, healthy, exercised, mentally stimulated, socialized, and of course happy. The age and breed of each dog is taken into consideration and if necessary areas are created to best suit different dogs, however, no dog is left on its own and all areas have activities, rest areas, and freshwater.

Dogs arrive at 9am and are taken for a group walk.

When we are back at doggie daycare they can choose which activity they want to do, this could be a dig in the sandpit, selecting a toy to play with, taking a dip in the pool, or even going for a surf!

During the morning all dogs will be groomed and receive a health check.

Rest periods are provided through out the day for each dog.

In the afternoon, more fun and tumbles with doggie daycare activities. During this time all dogs receive a basic training session, this could be sit, stay, or some help with loose leash walking. All training is positive based.

More training can take place at the owner's request (training programs and prices would be discussed).

Home boarding dogs have an early morning walk, then once the Doggie daycare dogs arrive they join in the fun at Doggie daycare center. Then it's dinner and an evening walk. They spend the evening in my house and have a room to themselves at bedtime.

If you are interested in Doggie Daycare or boarding please arrange a visit where you can have a look around and we can discuss our procedures for introducing new dogs, cleaning, welfare, and training.

Please note grooming, walking, and training are all done with the owner's consent.